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In 1665 the plague brought London to its knees...


By Anthony Clarvoe
Presented by Anoka-Ramsey Community College Theatre

For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow:
but woe to him that is alone when he falleth;
for he hath not another to help him up.
Ecclesiastes 4:10


Set in 1665 London as the Black Plague sweeps the city claiming more than 100,000 lives, THE LIVING is not about death. Rather this remarkable, riveting drama is a compelling confirmation of life. And although it’s set more than three centuries ago, Anthony Clarvoe’s two-act parable (in which the reactions of the people and the government parallel those surrounding today’s pandemic), maintains … stunning immediacy … Often bitterly funny, often ineffably sad, this is the story of a few brave people who stood fast, doing what needs to be done … Propelled by Clarvoe’s masterful handling of language …

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“… Clarvoe’s thought-provoking script, which not only celebrates the strength of courage and compassion in a climate of overwhelming fear, but has a clear parallel in this country today"
"a ghoulish slice of history and an evening shining with hope"
about a group of people who have remained in the city and struggle to find meaning and connection in a time of social distancing during a catastrophic epidemic

Opening Nov. 20

Please view the study guide to enhance your understanding of the story's historical context.

A program is available to provide director's notes and information about the cast & crew

Performance links for Act I and Act II are available free from November 20th

until November 30th 2020

PASSCODE: 327002

Would you like to chat with the cast and crew and find out more about this online play production? Join us on zoom at 7pm on Monday, November 23 for a Live Talkback.

Produced by special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing Inc, NYC

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